iPad Adventure


So now that I am one of the cool kids with my iPad I thought I’d check out how to go about blogging on it. Maybe that will inspire me to be more regular with my posts.
Right now I am trying to see how to import photos via the WordPress app into this post, though its looking like that may not be an option. 3rd party apps for WordPress might be the needed component, but my luck with those has not been stellar (pretty big failure with Blogstomp as an example).
5 Minutes Later and a Google search……..
Turns out the WordPress App does not come high much acclaim for posting. As a reader and comments manager it does just fine. Good thing it’s free. But to post this photos (which was shot on my D800 then processed in Snapseed and Over on my iPad) I had to back out of my post and use the Post Photo option. It’s called Quick Photo. Doesn’t appear to have any key wording options. Lets be honest, key words are how we are seen! Looks like more exploration to come.

****after having saved a draft of this post when I backed out on the iPad, when I went back in to edit there was a new option to add a photo. It may have redeemed itself.


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