Sun Breaks

In Oregon, we live and die by “sun breaks”. That time when the rain has stopped, the clouds have parted, and for a brief time we have sunlight.

After a series of heavy storms, high winds, extremely high surf and an immense amount of rain I took a “sun break” moment to head up north of Yaquina Head Outstanding Natural Area to snap some pictures assuming I’d find some great piles of debris from the recent storms. When I arrived the realization struck that there is a rocky reef that would have kept just about everything off the beach. Oops.

I stayed though, the air was calm and only one other person was found navigating the slippery rocks.

It’s not often that I venture out to take landscape photos without Natalie. It’s also just about the only way I can get out to do landscape photos when there is not a preschooler darting around at full speed.

Yaquina Head Lighthouse

After snagging a few images in a short time for some photo therapy, and before my sun break was up I did what I’ve done since I was little; chased some birds. 



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